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Responsible investing limits (Researchblog #94)

Responsible investing limits: >10x new research on negative emissions, biodiversity offsets, inequality, social capital, green cost of equity, CSR, article 9, engagement, dividends, VCs, crypto

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Ecological and Social Research

Climate prayers? Governing-by-aspiration? Assessing the nature and implications of including negative emission technologies (NETs) in country long-term climate strategies by Heather Jacobs, Aaart Gupta and Ina Möller as of August 9th (#3): “… countries are now submitting long-term climate strategies to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) process. These strategies include within them speculative future use of ‘negative emissions technologies’ (NETs). NETs are interventions that remove carbon from the atmosphere, ranging from large-scale terrestrial carbon sequestration in forests, wetlands and soils, to use of carbon capture and storage technologies. … most estimate substantial potential for future use of NETs even in the face of acknowledged uncertainties. This, we suggest, may have the consequence of resulting in a spiral of delay characterized by the promise of future NET options juxtaposed with the simultaneous uncertainty around these future options” (abstract).

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