Passive positive picture shows clouds above my hometown Eicklingen

Passive positive (Researchblog #96)

Passive positive: >10x new research on youngsters, scope 3, ESG leaders, welfare, ratings, index investing, fractional trading, NFT and more

Social and ecological topics

Slow climate awareness: The Interactions of Social Norms About Climate Change: Science, Institutions and Economics by Antonio Cabrales, Manu García, David Ramos Muñoz, Angel Sánchez as of September 8th, 2022 (#4): “We study the evolution of interest about climate change between different actors of the population … We find large swings over time of said interest for the general public … and little interest among economists …. The general interest science journals and policymakers have a more steady interest, although policymakers get interested much later“ (abstract).

Youngsters push companies: Wireless investors by Sergio Alberto Gramitto Ricci and Christina M. Sautter as of September 6th, 2022 (#135): “Millennials and GenZ’ers are increasingly powerful. … In their various stakeholder roles, they are pressuring corporations to also act … Along with this continued increase in direct investing, we are likely to see Millennials and GenZ’ers desires to directly engage with corporations (p. 12).

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