ESG Beliefs: Piture by Yolanda Diaz Tarrago from Pixabay shows green world with fruits

ESG beliefs: Researchpost #124

ESG beliefs: 10x new research on biodiversity, subsidies, governance, greenium, ESG beliefs, divestments, taxonomy reporting, fund commissions, SVB, private asset platforms etc. by Theresa Kuchler, Johannes Stroebel, Christian Klein and many more (# indicates the number of SSRN downloads on April 19th, 2023)

Ecologial and social research

Quantified biodiversity risks: Biodiversity Risk by Stefano Giglio, Theresa Kuchler, Johannes Stroebel, and Xuran Zeng as of April 4th, 2023 (#8): “The goal of this paper is to introduce measures of aggregate biodiversity risk as well as measures of firms’ and industries’ exposures to these risks; to connect and validate the two; to study the pricing of this risk in financial markets; and to publicly release our biodiversity exposure measures at to facilitate more research on this important topic“ (p. 28).

Dubious subsidies: Green Technology Adoption, Complexity, and the Role of Public Policy: A Simple Theoretical Model by Sanjit Dhami as of April 13th (#9): “We present a simple model of technology choice by heterogeneous firms … We illustrate the extreme unpredictability of the final outcome, and consider the role of public policy in the form of taxes and subsidies in influencing the long-run expected outcome. Our model … highlights the challenges and limitations of public policy in such scenarios“ (p. 24).

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