Diversifikator wieder unter den innovativsten Wealthtech100 der Welt

The WealthTech100 for 2020 recognizes the pioneering companies transforming the global investment and banking industries

The second annual list of the world’s most innovative technology solution providers for asset managers, private banks and financial advisors were announced today by FinTech Global, a specialist research firm

The WealthTech industry has seen huge growth over the last four years as new digital services to oversee personal finances, manage institutional investments and provide financial advice became more prominent. Total funding to the sector grew at a CAGR of 40.7% from $2.8bn in 2016 to over $7.8bn at the end of last year.

As a result, the competition to be identified as one of the leading 100 WealthTech companies in the world was even fiercer this year. A panel of analysts and industry experts voted from a list of over 1,200 companies produced by FinTech Global. The finalists were recognized for their innovative use of technology to solve a significant industry problem, generate cost savings or efficiency improvements across the investment value chain.

“Established investment firms, private banks and advisors need to be aware of the latest innovation in order to remain competitive in the current market, which is heavily focused on digital distribution and transformation initiatives,” said Richard Sachar, director of FinTech Global. “The WealthTech100 list helps them do just that and identify new business models which will have lasting impact on the industry.”

A full list of the WealtTech100 can be found at www.WealthTech100.com. More detailed information about the companies is available to download in a research pdf on the website.

Wealthtech 100: Aktualisierte Kurzbeschreibung von Diversifikator

Diversifikator provides innovative passive multi-asset and responsible investment model portfolios online (B2B&C). All portfolios can be easily customized and implemented anywhere (B2B).

Some of the 16 online portfolios have been the first to market e.g. the ESG ETF-Portfolio (2016), the German Equities ESG, the global Infrastructure Equities ESG and the global Real Estate Equities ESG portfolios (2017). All portfolios can be combined with free „cash“ to create different risk classes.

Offline, Diversifikator offers additional responsible investment model portfolios (B2B). Several portfolios are targeted towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations, e.g. the ETF Impact and direct equity Impact+ESG portfolios.

Diversifikator currently plans a direct ESG indexing platform. Individual investable ESG indices are based on pre-defined passive and PureESG portfolios consisting of max. 400 stocks. With this approach, even retail investors can easily customize their ESG portfolios.

Customization/white labelling will be offered for banks and investment advisors/managers.

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